Saturday, June 6, 2009

Australians hate indians

The recent incidents of attack on the people of indian orginality is very condemable but at the same time justifiable considering the fact there is lots of frustrations among the locals due to loss of employments (going to to cheaper countries) as well as schoolarships (going to hardworkin & studious indians), Its basic human nature to retriate when your servival is at stake, may be not by restorting to violence (for teens in any country , that is most empatic way of demonstrations of your dis-likes), . The local teens are wary lot that gradaully indians will overpower them. Its indian cricket team which beat them most and challenged their supremacy in their own land even when they were at peak. The harbhazan - sysmond monkey episode angered them to a extent, they never expected indians to fight back that way. BCCI arrogance in this matter was kinda shock to them. Since then their has been elements of hatred and a hard conrner in their heart about anything indian.

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